Finally, I found a system that makes writing a high-scoring SAT Essay almost inevitable, even for the average student!

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This system is contained in an e-book called “The SAT Essay Formula” and it makes preparing for the SAT Essay easy and fun!

Imagine opening your exam booklet, reading over the prompt, asking yourself just a few questions which you write down and in two minutes you know just what to write and your pencil is flying over the page.

This isn't fantasy. “The SAT Essay Formula” is a breakthrough program that teaches you how to ask just the right questions to trigger your brain to come up with logical answers very quickly. You then learn a set of easy questions that help you organize your ideas rapidly. You no longer have to fear facing that blank page.

The first time I taught students this system I was amazed at what happened. I   asked my students a set of simple questions I came up with as I wrote answers to SAT Essay prompts. My students answered the questions, organized their answers on paper and wrote their best essays. I was so excited I bragged to all the other teachers at the test prep center.

Would you like to know these simple questions that enabled my students to write higher quality essays faster than ever before?

The system of questions in “The SAT Essay Formula” became my student's internal guide to writing their essays, as with a little practice they no longer needed me to ask them questions. They had memorized them in just a few days. By the end of the course I felt like they didn't even need a teacher anymore!

With the questions, knowledge and exercises in “The SAT Essay Formula” they became more effective, intelligent and powerful writers!

One student of mine had very low essay scores at the beginning of my course. He often scored a 6 out of 12. Within a few weeks he was getting essay scores of 10 and 11.

In fact his writing improved so much that after the course he sent me this letter.

Hello Mr. Daut,

I would just like to thank you for the excellent writing techniques you have taught me as they have continued to help me in my school. Today we had a timed writing assignment (in my Language Arts class) and after the essay I felt like I was able to present the logic and evidence much clearer and more effectively than before your writing classes.

Therefore, I would like to thank you.

-Shaishav Shah

Can you imagine how well you will write with the knowledge and skills you will gain in “The SAT Essay Formula”?

Until now only a few dozen students in my SAT prep classes could benefit from this program.

But now you, too, can take advantage of the knowledge and skills in “The SAT Essay Formula”. Although a print version of this book would cost $39.95, I am able to offer the electronic version of this book at reduced cost due to the efficiency of the Internet. So you get “The SAT Essay Formula” for only $19.95. That's $20.00 off.

This includes the simple thought-provoking questions that make ideas flow, dozens of exercises, many examples of high-scoring essays and the following bonuses.

Bonus #1-The best quotes to use in SAT Essays.
Use any one of these in your essay to impress graders and raise your score. A $10 value.

Bonus #2-SAT Scoring Policies of 374 top schools.
How much weight will the writing section carry with the schools you apply to? This report tells you so you know how much time to spend on the SAT Essay. This report tells you. A $10 value.

Bonus #3-The best free SAT resources on the net.
This report took weeks to compile. It tells where you can get free practice tests graded online and essays graded for free by computer. I've personally reviewed these resources and found them to be effective. A $10 value.

The total value of the e-book and these bonuses is $69.95.

These bonuses are part of the initial rollout for this book and I can't guarantee how long they'll be available. So if you want them you need to order soon.

Double Your Money-Back Guarantee

Double Your Money Back Guarantee guarantee

Because I believe in my book so much I give you a full year to try it out for yourself so you can make sure it increases your score risk free. So any time within 365 days of your purchase you can ask for your money back and you'll get it.

But I take my money back guarantee one step further.

If you are not totally satisfied with the breakthrough information in this guide, in addition to giving you your money back, I will also mail you a check for $10. That's how confident I am that you'll enjoy great results from using my book.

Just think—the same improvement in writing skills that your child will get through this program will more than pay for the book!

You're student will be breezing through the essay section of the SAT with only a few weeks of practice!

But don't take my word for it. See for yourself. Just click on the “I want my child to succeed” button below to get your instant download..

Paypal processes all credit card payments and you DON'T need to have a paypal account to order my e-book.

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In just a few minutes your child will have the keys to SAT Essay Success and a dramatically improved chance of getting into the college of her dreams!


Rodney Daut

Author of “The SAT Essay Formula”

PS—If you don't send in your order I'll assume that you don't have a computer that your child can do homework on because I know you would buy this book if you did! What person who wants their son or daughter to succeed wouldn't buy this book?!

PPS—Look. Your child only has a few chances to take the SAT. After the Fall of his or her senior year it's too late. Why wait any longer?

PPPS--Still not sure? Try the free version of my e-book by clicking here. Or if you have any questions send me a message using my contact form.

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